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NHL Hockey - 3 Way Lines-Fun Way to Bet


Hockey is one of those sports that gets better and better as the season ages and there is betting value from top to bottom. What do we mean by betting value from top to bottom? We mean there are great teams to bet on and great teams to bet against. Doing your NHL homework is essential. You must be informed before laying down cash on anybody. Sure, the game itself is the draw, hockey is loads of fun to watch, it's an exciting game and there are many betting options such as a two way lines, a three way line, a puck line, totals, periods, period props and player props. There is a lot of money to be made playing this game, find a great handicapping website and glean information from these people.


Offshore Bookies vs. Brick and Mortar Sportsbooks


Hockey is a great sport to bet on and in fact, maybe the best sport to bet on when it comes to an underdog advantage. The underdogs win consistently and betting them is a lucrative venture if you know what nights and what teams to bet on. Find that great NHL handicapper and let them do the heavy lifting while you do the heavy winning!


You must be equipped for the NHL. There are two things that all successful NHL bettors must have; 1. Two great online sportsbooks, one for cash and one for a bonus. 2. A great NHL players bonus. Players need a cash account that stands on it's own so that you can ask for a payout anytime you like. With a bonus account, you may have remaining rollover and can't get a payout until the rollover is completed. Make sure that all of your paperwork and any copies of ID or credit cards are taken care of well in advance, so that when you do want to get paid, there is no problem. You always want to take an NHL bonus, this is a great way to make money that is given to you by the house. Why not beat the house with their own money. Sure, there are rollovers involved, but if you bet on a regular basis, that minimal rollover will be gone in a month or less and then it's all your money. For this reason, you want a great handicapper in your back pocket.


Introduction into how to bet on hockey


3 Way Lines:

This type of wager is much like a soccer line, maybe you are familiar with soccer lines, maybe you are not. The Big difference between a 3 way line and most any other line in the NHL; regulation time vs. overtime. When you bet on a 3 way line the juice is usually greatly reduced and this can lead to great value bets. Many games go into overtime in the NHL so once again, knowledge of the teams mean everything.


Overtime and shootouts do not count in a 3 way betting line. There is a separate line for the tie. Most bookies will allow you to bet the tie as well as the line, one way or another. Betting the 3 way line is a lot of fun and adds excitement, especially if you can watch the action on TV.


How to Bet On Hockey - Betting on the NHL Total Line


Know your teams, have fun and start experimenting with various ways of betting the NHL. You will find this to add so much more to the experience and you will find that your bankroll will grow instead of shrink. Call your bookie today and ask for an NHL bonus and talk to them about their offerings. You will be glad you did.

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