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NCAA College Football Championship - Odd to Win


Wow, this college football season has been a crazy one indeed. It's been a lot of fun to watch and bet on and he been nothing but a moneymaker. If you have fallen short this season or simply haven't had the time to properly handicap, then now it the time to get in. The bowl season is here and the playoffs have been announced.


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These games are much easier to handicap on an individual basis than as opposed to 50 games on a Saturday. If you still don't feel confident in your own handicapping ability, then by all means find a great handicapper that does this for a living and get in the winners circle. Find a great sportsbook that offers a great bonus and be prepared to win big money. Other people are winning, why not you? Handicappers are usually free or there are game advising websites that offer many of the best handicappers in one place. Find those guys and get some free picks.


Now that the NCAA Playoffs have been announced we can tell you some of the future odds to win the national title:


Alabama 5/12

Clemson 3/1

Oklahoma 10/1

Notre Dame 12/1


Of course, nobody can say with any certainty who's going to win this thing and every team is Fantastic. Alabama, Clemson and Notre Dame are all undefeated, Oklahoma is the lone wolf with a 12-1 record.


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Clemson: 3/1

This is a bad to the bone team with a ton of upside when it comes to thinking of betting them to win it all. They score 45.4 points per game and allow 13.7! That's an astounding number on it's face. They are putting up 529.8 yards of total offense, 270.1 in the air and 259.8 on the ground. This team runs over opponents and doesn't take names! They are allowing a paltry 276.8 yards per game of total offense, 183.8 in the air and just 93 per game, on the ground. This team will be hard to beat and it matters not who they play, they could probably beat the Raiders!


Notre Dame: 12/1

Another great season and this team along with a genius in Brian Kelly have figured out the combination for winning and in a very big way. The Irish are scoring 33.8 points per game and allowing 17.3. They are putting up 456.1 yards of total offense, 256.6 in the air and 190.5 on the ground. They are allowing 331.5 total yards, 198 in the air and 133.5 on the ground. They have beat up some very good teams and some always great programs such as USC, 24-17, Syracuse, 36-3, Michigan 24-17, Stanford, 38-17, and Virginia Tech 45-23. Out of the four teams, the Irish have easily had the toughest schedule.


Oklahoma: 10/1

The sooners are a team that lets it all hang out and they are fun to watch. They score a ton of points but give up a ton. Giving up a ton of points has never been a strategy that most would look for in a championship team, however, Oklahoma has been fantastic at going toe-to-toe in nearly every situation this season. They are scoring 49.5 points per game but allowing a whopping 32.4, the team is putting up 577.9 yards of total offense per game with 324 in the air and 253.9 on the ground. That's an insane running game, just as with Clemson, if they don't kill you in the air, it's a guarantee they put the opponent to sleep on the ground. The bad news, they are giving away 448.1 total yards, 291.4 in the air and 156.7 on the ground. Although this team is a ton of fun to watch, they simply don't play defense and that almost never wins a championship.


Alabama: 5/12

The Tide are the Tide and they are always hard to beat because they have the best coach in all of college football and maybe in the history of the game. The guy simply never loses and when they are losing, Saban adjusts, just as he did in the Georgia game. It's extremely difficult to put this team away. Betting against this team is risky, betting on them is close to guaranteed. There are no guarantees and Clemson has beaten them before to earn their title. The Tide are putting up 47.9 points per game and allowing 14.8 along with 527.6 total yards of offense. They are passing for 325.5 yards and rushing for 202. They are allowing 295.4 total yards, 178.4 in the air and 117 on the ground.


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Clemson has the best numbers across the board and Notre Dame has the best strength of schedule while Alabama is Alabama and the miracles never seem to stop for this team. These guys get all of the breaks because it's about game planning, positioning and teaching kids to be winners. Dabo Swinney is the same at Clemson, the guy is a stinking genius and he has the best defense in football.


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There are some tough choices indeed and the best strategy is to bet them all! They could all win this thing. If Oklahoma gets in a shootout with Alabama, they can win this game. Allot yourself a budget and bet accordingly. Every team brings something to the table and every team has a chance.

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