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Betting College Football Player Props

Betting college football player props should be on your radar this season.

Key Points

– College football player props should be a part of bettor’s CFB strategy.

– Doing the homework is the key to winning more CFB player props bets.

Betting College Football Players Props

The majority of college football gamblers will stick to the fundamentals. They will wager on totals, point spreads, and, on rare occasions, the moneyline. Such a tactic is acceptable, but punters can also make money by wagering on college football player props.

These props bets not only can help grow a bankroll, but they are also very entertaining and keep bettors plugged into games. What’s better than watching a game where you have a wager on how many passing yards a quarterback will throw for?

Before making these bets, NCAAF bettors must have a firm grasp of how these player props operate. They have to be sure they understand the wager before making it. We’re always here to help when finding value on NCAAF betting odds.

Proposition Bets Defined

A proposition bet, aka prop bet, is one in which the outcome has no bearing on how a sporting event will turn out. Prop bets are based on things that happen during the sporting event. These incidents are not tied to the outcomes of other wagers like point spread, moneyline, or totals bets.

For example, the number of passing yards a quarterback will accumulate throughout a game is a typical prop wager in football. Whether the quarterback will go Over or Under the set game total is the subject of this bet.

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The Passing Yards Prop

Since it is such a popular prop bet, we will start with the passing yards proposition bet. Let’s say we have a game between Penn State and Illinois. Penn State’s quarterback has the following listed in the Passing Yards category.

Passing Yards - Penn State QB

OVER 298.5 (+105)

UNDER 298.5 (-115)

Let’s say you like Penn State’s quarterback against a weaker Illinois pass defense. You’ll put down $100 on the PSU QB to OVER 298.5. After the final stats are calculated for the game, the PSU QB ends the game with 305 passing yards.

You win the bet and your payout is $105 at +105 NCAAF odds. It’s important to note that there is a wide talent disparity in college football. Because of that, bettors will typically find player prop odds a bit higher as sportsbooks look to protect themselves.

The standard -110 odds on a point spread or totals bet might be more like -115 or -120 on a player props wager.

College Football Player Props - Wide Receivers

Wide receivers, their number of catches, and their overall receiving yards are other options for bettors in this market. Bettors can place a wager on a Penn State WR and his total receiving yards in the same game against Illinois. The best sportsbooks for football will have lines for a multitude of betting markets.

The total in the example below has been set as 112.5. The Under at -120 is the most likely result with odds of -120. A bettor would have to pay $120 to win $100 in that scenario, and the receiver would have to finish with 112 receiving yards or fewer.

Receiving Yards - Penn State WR

OVER 112.5 (+110)

UNDER 112.5 (-120)

Bettors can also wager on the Penn State WR’s overall number of receptions in the same game. The game total in the example below has been set at 7.5. If the Penn State WR records at least eight receptions, $100 is paid out on a $105 wager at online bookmakers. The player prop would look like this:

                        Receptions - Penn State WR

                        OVER 7.5 (-105)

                        UNDER 7.5 (-115)

Rushing Yards Prop

Another popular prop is on the total number of rushing yards by a running back. Using the same game, an Illinois RB has a total of 107.5. His player prop bet looks as follows:

                        Rushing Yards - Illinois RB

                        OVER 107.5 (+105)

                        UNDER 107.5 (-115)

If you wager $100 on the Over and the running back rushes for 110 yards in the game, you win $105.

What do you know about betting NFL point spreads?

Betting Tips

Like any good betting decision, wagers placed on college football player props should be done after doing some homework. To gauge a player's performance, bettors should first review their statistics.

Then, it’s a matter of the matchup. A defense that is among the top ten in the FBS for pass defense would have an impact on passing and receiving yards, for instance. For rushing yards, the same holds true. It is unlikely for a running back to rush for, say, 85 or more yards when facing a team that only allows 70 rushing yards each game.

Aside from that, bettors should consider any injuries that might matter. A quality quarterback might be going up against a secondary that is starting two freshmen due to injury. That’s a situation where a quarterback’s passing yards prop might be a strong play.

Regardless, before placing wagers on college football player prop bets, gamblers should do their homework. One's bankroll and winning percentage can both benefit from doing this.

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